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Bamford Edge

Peak District Online presents Bamford Edge

Bamford Edge Bathed In Winter Is Yet Another Stunningly Produced New Video By Peak District TV

Another gem brought to us by the Peak District's leading web portal - Peak District Online, Bamford Edge in Winter is a beautiful video capturing another side of the Peak District. This time it's swaddled in snow.

The famous grit stone looks cold & forbidding but then the music starts and we're transported to a land of colour and vibrancy. Terrybnd and his camera are truly a force of nature and this type of videography is obviously right up his street - or should we say escarpment? See the scale of the grit stone edge and watch a glimpse of the elusive cameraman himself as he steps out onto the exposed rock. His red coat silhouettes against the glorious back drop of the Lady Bower Reservoir below and the scenery is quite breathtaking. Eerie contorted rock formations and treacherous looking trails traverse the scenes covered in snow and ice.

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