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Derwent Edge

Derwent Edge - The New Video Goes Live. Peak District TV Celebrates Winter On The Moors

Once again Peak District Online and their newly forged partnership with a very talented cameraman,
have produced another video of epic proportions.This time it's their tribute to the wintry Derwent
Edge and its wild moor with eerie rock formations

Five minutes of drama unfold before our eyes as Terrybnd, Peak District TV's resident camera man
works his magic on Derwent Edge in the famous national park. The suspense draws us in from the
beginning, as we watch the stunning shot of the sun rising in the distance - the music building as we
anticipate what's to come next. The eerie shapes of the contorted rocks are silhouetted against the
skyline, as the camera pans out to see the moor and its sentinels of grit stone standing guard. The
layers of mist in varied shades of amber make the Peak District come alive with warmth - and yet
this is Winter 2011 in a very barren landscape.

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